Board of Directors

Shaun Ekert

Shaun Ekert works for Ideal Products of Canada.

Joey Fabing

Joey Fabing works for Custom Insulation Systems

Rob Bertram

Rob Bertram works for Ideal Products Inc.

Chris Ishkanian

Chris Ishkanian works for All Therm Services Inc

David Reburn

David Reburn works for Brock White Canada ULC.

Randy St Jacques

Randy St Jacques works at Rockwool.

Louis Basque

Louis Basque works for Nu-West.

Mark Trevors

Mark Trevors works for ALUMA.

Robert Gray

Robert Gray works for Thermo Applicators Inc.

Mathieu Hamel

Mathieu Hamel works for Isolation Élite Inc.

Brad Haysom

Brad Haysom works for Tight 5 Insulation Ltd.

Malcolm Robertson

Malcolm Robertson works for Guildfords.

Walter Keating

Walter Keating works at Keating Insulation Inc.



Chairman – Rob Bertram

Chairman – Rob Bertram

Committee Chair – Wheeler Boys Upcoming Conference Chairs 2020 –

Chairman – Rob Bertram

Chairman – Wayne Siffledeen

Provincial Associations

Association d’isolation du Québec

B.C. Insulation Contractors Association

Master Insulators’ Association of Ontario