The Thermal Insulation Association of Canada is the national industry association for contractors, distributors and manufacturers of commercial, industrial and institutional thermal insulation, asbestos abatement and firestop.


  1. To continue to promote and advance the TIAC Best Practices Guide to the industry.
  2. To further the interests of the members of the Corporation.
  3. To educate members of the Corporation, permitting the highest possible development of professional skills with respect to insulation in all aspects and through this professional development to continue to merit the confidence of architects, engineers, owners, and/or their agents.
  4. To obtain, disseminate and exchange full and accurate information among the members regarding all matters pertinent to the advancement of the insulation industry and the improvement of conditions within the industry.
  5. To promote the conservation of energy through the effective use of insulation.
  6. To coordinate industry endeavours and represent the membership as the national voice of the insulation industry.