TIAC’s Certified Insulation Energy Appraisers

The Insulation Energy Appraisal Program (IEAP) is a 2-day course that teaches students how to determine the optimal insulation thickness and corresponding energy and dollar savings for a project. The program was designed to teach students the necessary information to give facility managers a better understanding of the true dollar and performance value of their insulated systems.

Certified Appraisers
Students who pass the certified course exam will become Certified Insulation Energy Appraisers. The certification will be valid for 3 years, after which the individual must recertify.


  • Mark Fischer, KAEFER Canada Inc.
  • Thomas Thampy, KAEFER Integrated Services Ltd.
  • Rick Martens, Crossroads C & I
  • Jim Blair, Indianhead Contracting Ltd
  • Ricky Seto, Rockwool
  • Chris Smith, Guildfords
  • Randy Pauling, Crossroads C & I


  • Fadi Bachir, Rockwool
  • Brandon Brilhante, Apex Insulation
  • Andrew Buchanan, Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc.
  • Daniel Gerrits, Reflex Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Ron  Kustermans, Vanos Insulations
  • Jonathan Osei-Kuffour, Rockwool
  • Mark  Robichaud, Tempro Tec
  • Regis Sevigny, NAIT
  • Matt Vanos, Vanos Insulations


  • Philippe Piché, Dispro Inc.
  • Arturs Gavrilovs, Adler Insulation 2005 Ltd.
  • Dominic Rodrigue, Dispro Inc.
  • Chris Paszkat, Inscan Contractors
  • Wayne Siffledeen, Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc.
  • Curtis Mitchell, Inscan Contractors
  • Dustin Plue, True North Insulation Ltd.
  • Ian Hedley, Crossroads C&I
  • Andrew Fenwick ,All Therm Services Inc.
  • Gary Peters, Multi Glass Insulation
  • Eric Colvin, Thermec Insulation Services Ltd.
  • Bradley Aquin, Pro-Tech Insulation
  • Efrain Gutierrez, Custom Insulation Systems Ltd.
  • Farhan Qadir, Roxul Technical Insulation
  • Karry Schmidt, Northern Insulation
  • Tim Pullyblank, Thermec Insulation Services Ltd.
  • Marc Leblanc, Crossroads C&I
  • Girts Petrovs, Adler Insulation 2005 Ltd.
  • Randy St Jacques, Roxul Inc.
  • Grace Plett, Adler Insulation 2005 Ltd.
  • Randy Dong, Impro