The Thermal Insulation Association of Canada is the national industry association for contractors, distributors and manufacturers of commercial, industrial and institutional thermal insulation, asbestos abatement and firestop.


We envision a world where mechanical insulation stands at the forefront of climate rehabilitation and carbon emissions reduction, emphasizing thermal efficiency to create a more sustainable world without sacrificing industry.


We aim to ensure the continuous, highly efficient, and safe operation of all mechanical systems across Canada’s industrial, institutional, and commercial sectors. By achieving this, we intend to reduce carbon emissions and therefore change the perception of the mechanical insulation industry from incidental to preeminent and mandatory.


We continually forge, support, and promote a community of experts rallied around advancing the thermal insulation industry. Through dynamic education, relentless innovation, fostering industry growth and standards development, TIAC empowers and assists its members to collectively create a healthier, more efficient world.


Pursuit of Excellence: At our core is an unyielding pursuit of excellence. We take immense pride in our work and are relentless in our drive to elevate our standards. We embrace challenges as opportunities to showcase our dedication, and deliver nothing short of our best. Our commitment to excellence propels us forward, ensuring that our actions consistently reflect the highest quality, dedication, and desire to make a lasting impact.

Innovation & Lifelong Learning: We firmly believe that our commitment to innovation and continuous education is the key to our success. Innovation fuels our progress, empowering us to seek new solutions and approaches. Lifelong learning is our cornerstone, driving us to stay current, adapt to evolving landscapes, and remain at the forefront of our industry. Through innovation and education, we ensure our collective growth, vitality, and ability to positively impact the world around us.

Integrity & Respect: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, conducting our actions with unwavering ethics and honesty. Respect is at the core of our interactions, fostering a culture of kindness, consideration, and open communication. Through integrity and respect, we create an environment that values each individual’s contributions and promotes an influential, harmonious community.

Diversity, Unity & Leadership: United by a common purpose, we recognize the strength that comes from collective effort. We celebrate our diversity, embracing many perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. In unity, supported by strong leadership, we harness our diversity to drive innovation, enhance learning, and promote adaptability. By valuing both unity and diversity, we create a dynamic and inclusive association that thrives on collaboration, mutual support, and visionary leadership.